Ovoo is an web's largest catalog of free movies, organized by Digital Expo Inc. based in Marietta, Georgia. USA.[1] The core services are publishing Movies & TV Series online. Ovoo provides all kinds of content under compliance of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.[2] Ovoo is the kind of movie website that doesn’t bother the viewers with any type of interruptions like pop-ups ads or other disturbances.[3][4][5] Ovoo offers legitimate video content that users can download with the consent of knowing it’s lawful.[6][7] The quality makes Ovoo different HD quality for free of cost and doesn’t even ask for a registration. And offers a wide array of content categories with covers almost every facet of entertainment.[8]


Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
Action History Drama
Animation Mystery Documentary
Adventure Sci-Fic Fantasy
Biography Thriller Family
Comedy Romance Horror
Crime War Western


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